EDUC 8845

EDUC 8845

Monday, June 18, 2012

EDUC 8848 Emerging and Future Technologies

Module 1:

The interactive white board is a matured technology among various educational settings. Nevertheless, this interactive device remains emerging at my local educational setting. SMART technologies and Microsoft Surface introduced the touch surface approximately two decades ago (Thornburg, 2009). In 2004 at the conclusion of a lengthy professional development provided by SMART technologies, I pursued the principal to acquire three interactive boards. The interactive boards assist to differentiate instruction and actively engage elementary students. One of the three boards would be showcased in my classroom during School Advisory Committee meetings (SAC). Showcasing the capabilities of the technology to colleagues, parents, as well as the general public would assist to obtain additional funds. The funds would become allocated to purchase additional interactive boards, as well as the additional hardware required in the classroom setting (e.g. LCD projectors, laptops).

Within two years of the initial purchase, five additional boards were added to the inventory. As of 2012, my local community owns eight SMART interactive mobile whiteboards and five stationary Promethean interactive boards. Nevertheless, four of the eight interactive SMART boards remain in a solitary area in the school’s media center. Two of the boards have hardware issues, and the other two have not been requested by the classroom teachers. The four additional SMART boards remaining in the classroom setting primarily use is a projection screen.

The problems creating the interactive board to remain as an emerging technology are the lack of professional development training, the additional required hardware,  maintenance on the hardware, and accountability support among the classroom teachers.

            The societal need the interactive boards meet provides the classroom teacher a new avenue to differentiate instruction. The board enables the students to showcase their knowledge in the safe environment of their classroom setting. The board enables projection of virtual field trips, virtual dissections in the science classroom, as well as many additional educational benefits.

Ongoing professional development and maintenance support would transfer the interactive board from an emerging technology to an emerged technology at my local community. Accountability and district support showcasing the benefits would assist in this transformation, as well.


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  1. Cheryl,

    It seems that many times new technologies are introduced and professional development occurs, the problem I have run into is that there is no follow up, months go by and teachers (as we know are so busy)forget about the technology or how to use it, frustrating. I agree with you that supporting the technology through professional learning groups that meet periodically would be helpful but is difficult to push forward.